Show results from Ridgefield, WA Dog Show Day 1

Best of Breed

  • Frank’e the Havanese
  • JackBlack the Crested
  • Lukas the German Pinscher (check out his Group results – another 3rd Place!)
  • Willard the Standard Schnauzer, 1st WD BOW BOB and a NEW CHAMPION

Best of Opposite

  • Hades the German Pinscher

From the Classes

  • Whitney the Lowchen: 1st Place, WB, BOW, BOB 4 point Major
  • Check out Willard’s results above!
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff, 1st Place and RWB
  • Trip the Japanese Chin, 1st Place and RWB
  • Daisy the Samoyed, 1st Place
  • Zena the Saint Bernard, 2nd Place
  • Maya the Labrador 4th Place

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