Dog show results from Electric City Kennel Club (day 5 of 8 on the Montana Circuit). Great Falls, MT, June 24, 2011.

New Champion!
  • Chili the Japanese Chin, 1st place, WD, Best of Winners a four point major
Group Placements
  • Chase the Amstaff: Terrier Group 2
  • Wilson the Minibull Terrier: Terrier Group 3
Best of Breed
  • Twister the Silky Terrier
  • Razz the Black Russian Terrier
  • Tia the ASCOB
  • Frank’e the Havanese

Here are the dog show results for the Ladies Kennel Club of BC held January 28, 2011.

Best of Breed
  • Havanese, Frank’e, BOB and Group 3
  • St Bernard, Rupert, 1st place, WD and BOB, 1 point
  • Shiba Inu, Osheo, 1st place, WD and BOB
Best of Opposite and New Champion
  • Labrador Retriever, Ben, 1st place, WD, and BOS, 2 points and a NEW Canadian Champion!
Best of Winners
  • Chinese Crested, Jack Black, 1st place, WD, and BOW for 1 point
Show results from Ridgefield, WA Dog Show Day 1 Best of Breed
  • Frank’e the Havanese
  • JackBlack the Crested
  • Lukas the German Pinscher (check out his Group results – another 3rd Place!)
  • Willard the Standard Schnauzer, 1st WD BOW BOB and a NEW CHAMPION
Best of Opposite
  • Hades the German Pinscher
From the Classes
  • Whitney the Lowchen: 1st Place, WB, BOW, BOB 4 point Major
  • Check out Willard’s results above!
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff, 1st Place and RWB
  • Trip the Japanese Chin, 1st Place and RWB
  • Daisy the Samoyed, 1st Place
  • Zena the Saint Bernard, 2nd Place
  • Maya the Labrador 4th Place

Willard the Standard Schnauzer adds Champion to his name today with an impressive win in Ridgefield, WA. Luke and Willard won breed from the classes with 1st place, WD, BOW, BOB and a NEW CHAMPION as their reward. Congrats to the new champion!

Sioux Empire Dog Show Day 3 – 10/31/10 Group Placements
  • Frank’e the Havanese competed for Best in Show at today’s Sioux Empire Dog Show, Best of Breed and Toy Group 1
Best of Opposite, Class Dogs and Major Points
  • Chocolate Lab: 1st place, WD, BOW for a 3 point major
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff: 1st place, WB and BOS
  • Teddy the Havanese: 1st place and RWD
Best of Breed
  • Willy the Lab
  • Lukas the German Pinscher
  • Maker the Samoyed
  • BlackJack the Minibull Terrier
  • JackBlack the Chinese Crested
Select Dog
  • Enuf the Amstaff
  • Tum the Silky
Sioux Empire KC Dog Show Results – 10/30/10 Best of Winners
  • Teddy the Havanese earned 1st place, WD, BOW for 2 points and became a new champion!
Best of Breed
  • Lukas the German Pinscher and Working Group 4
  • Enuf the Amstaff and Terrier Group 3
  • Frank’e the Havanese made the cut in the Toy Group
  • BlackJack the Mini Bull Terrier
  • Maker the Samoyed
Best of Opposite
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff 1st place, WB and BOS from the classes
  • JackBlack the Chinese Crested
Select Dog
  • Tum the Silky Terrier
  • Willy the Lab
Class Dogs
  • Chocolate Lab 1st Place
Rapid City Kennel Club Results – Day 3 Another New Champion, Class Points and Class Dog Results
  • Willy the Labrador Retriever 1st place, WD, a 4 point Major and a NEW CHAMPION
  • Teddy the Havanese: 1st place, WD, and Best of Winners for one point
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff: 1st place and WB for one point
  • Smooch the Bernese Mountain Dog: 3rd place
Best of Breed
  • Frank’e the Havanese and made the cut in the Toy Group
  • Tum the Silky Terrier
  • BlackJack the MiniBull Terrier
  • JackBlack the Chinese Crested
  • Maker the Sammy
  • Lukas the German Pinscher
Fable Earns Championship at Hurricane Ridge
  • Boston Terrier, Fable, CH Kennedy’s Wild Fairy Tale At Mtnview
  • Tibetan Mastiff, Hope, a new Champion at Clackamas KC June 27
  • Standard Schnauzer, Will, 1st place, WD, BOW & Best of Breed, a Major at Clackamas KC, June 27
  • Mini Bull Terrier, BlackJack, GCH CH Nederes’ Lil Game O’BlackJack, a new GRAND Champion at Clackamas KC June 26. BlackJack is the first mini bull terrier dog to earn a Grand Championship!
  • German Pinscher, Lukas, GCH CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Revival, a new GRAND Champion at Clackamas Kennel Club June 26.
  • Spinone Italiano, Mariah, GCH CH Spinfandel Mariah’s Storm, a new GRAND Champion at Pocatello Kennel Club June 18. Maraih earned the first Grand Championship for a Spinone Italiano
  • Boston Terrier, Fable, Kennedy’s Wild Fairy Tale At Mtnview, a new Champion at Puyallup Kennel Club, 6/13/2010!
  • Havanese, Frank’e, GCH CH Joyfulnoise Come Fly With Me, a New GRAND Champion at Snake River Canyon KC of Idaho, 6/15/2010!
  • German Shepherd, Uma, 2nd place, WB, BOW, a Major and a new Champion at Walla Walla Kennel Club, 5/2/10!
  • Boston Terrier, Gleason, Kennedy’s How Sweet It Is at Mtnview, 1st, WD, Best of Opposite, a 4 point Major & a New Champion at Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers 4/23/10!
  • Labrador Retreiver, Willy, 1st, WD, BOW & BOB to become a new Canadian Champion at Renaissance Dog Show, 4/1/10
  • Japanese Chin, T’KO, 1st Place, Winners Dog, Best of Winners to finish his Championship at Rose City Classic, 1/23/10
  • Shiba Inu, Umi, 1st Place, Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite to finish her Championship at Rose City Classic, 1/22/10