Cervello the Weimaraner
  • Vello was ranked #2 with 463 pts just 9 from #1.
Flame the German Pinscher
  • Flame was #2 with 114 pts earned in just one weekend just 16 from #1 not bad for a puppy!!
Rupert the St Bernard
  • Rupert was #4 with 54 pts in one weekend
Wilson the Mini Bull
  • Wilson was #3 in Canada with 119pts
Frank’e the Havanese
  • Frank’e ended the year at #9 with 245 pts in one weekend when this weekend ended Frank’e was the #1 toy and #5 allbreeds… It was a good weekend.
Gleason the Boston Terrier
  • Gleason, GCH CH Kennedy’s How Sweet It Is At Mtnview is owned by Cathy Jones
  • Gleason was only shown part of the year but stayed in the rankings all year.
  • The Jones’ had another great year with all their Bostons and finished multiple champions.
  • Soon we will have the “one” we will show a full year :)
  • Gleason finished the year as the #13 Boston in allbreed pts with 528 and tied for #19 in breed with 170 pts.
Whitney the Lowchen
  • Whitney, Sage Hills I Will Always Love You, is owned by Judy Seibert
  • Whitney came to us with the hope that we would maybe be able to get her in the ring.
  • Well Rowan worked her magic and Whitney became a star.
  • She was entered in Vancouver as a test. She passed winning the Breed everyday.
  • Because of this one weekend Whitney finished the year as the #18 Lowchen in all breed points with 16 and tied for #15 in Breed with 16 dogs defeated.
Jack Black the Chinese Crested
  • Jack Black, GCH CH Wavecrest ‘N’ Silkyence Jax Blax, is owned by Janice Chaffin-Bell and Jenna Lostale
  • Jack Black started off fast for us getting a group placement his second day we showed him.
  • He continued to do well and closed the year out with his best month of his career.
  • We look forward to truly seeing what Jack Black can do in full year.
  • Jack Black was the #19 Crested in all breed pts with 382 and the #16 Crested in Breed pts with 204 dogs defeated and tied for #22 in AKC GCH pts with 48.
Frank’e the Havanese
  • Frank’e, GCH CH Joyfulnoise Come Fly With Me, is owned by Dorathy and George Hart
  • 2010 was a warm up year for Frank’e as he is still reaching his full potential.
  • Frank’e still had a great year winning multiple groups in 2010 and defeating more dogs than any other dog we showed all year.
  • Frank’e finished as the #7 Havanese in all breed with 2218 points and #6 in Breed points with 607 dogs defeated and #7 in AKC GCH points with 199.
Tum the Silky Terrier
  • Tum, AM CAN EST. LAT. LIT. BAL. GIB. CH Bombix Moren Jaspis, is owned by Steve and Eileen Biles
  • Tum was shown sparingly in 2010 as his two Kids dominated the ring.
  • Tum has made his mark as the breeds most influential sire in many years.
  • He finished the year as the #23 Silky in AKC GCH points with 23.
Lucy, Miniature Bull Terrier, CH Camino’s Lucy Lou
  • Lucy is owned by Gary Marquez and Erika Zwicker
  • Everyone remembers Lucy she was the first of the Rowdy kids we showed.
  • She was #1 two years in a row and was shown just one month in 2010 as she passed the torch to BlackJack.
  • Lucy finished the year as the #18 Mini bull in Breed points with 27 dogs defeated.
BlackJack, GCH CH Nederes’ Lil Game O’BlackJack
  • BlackJack is owned by Tom Messinger and Kimarie Wolf
  • BlackJack did our Minibull Family proud by taking over for his half sister Lucy. He spent the Majority of the year as the #1 Mini bull in breed points.
  • He also had some very nice group placements including a Terrier Group 1 at Hurricane Ridge
  • BlackJack became the first Mini Bull Grand Champion!!
  • BlackJack finished the year as the #7 Mini Bull in all breed points with 341
  • He was #2 in Breed points with 116 Mini Bulls defeated
  • BlackJack ended the year #2 in AKC GCH points with 66.
Wilson, GCH CH Temris Bully For Me
  • Wilson, Miniature Bull Terrier, is owned by Allison Nelson
  • We only showed Wilson one day in 2010 when Allison had a conflict. But this Lucy and BlackJack half brother (Also a Rowdy kid) fit right in and we got a group placement!
  • We look forward to 2011 as Wilson continues this minibull family tradition with us!
  • Allison did a great job showing Wilson in 2010 as he finished #4 minibull in allbreed with 481 pts and the #7 minibull in breed pts with 71 dogs defeated and tied for #3 in AKC GCH pts with 58.
Enuf, the American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Enuf, GCH CH Sbigstaff Enuf Is Enuf For Lbk, owned by Lacey Tulloch
  • We only showed Enuf for a few months at the end of the year but truly enjoyed the time we had with this sweet boy.
  • It was great watching the kid from Florida play in the snow.
  • He did also have a nice win over the #1 Am Staff
  • Enuf finished #20 Am Staff in Allbreed with 172 points and #11 in breed points with 122 dogs defeated and tied for #11 in AKC GCH points with 42.
Lukas, German Pinscher, GCH AM CAN CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Revival
  • Lukas, German Pinscher, owned By Judy Vandervort
  • What can we say about Lukas? He finished his career in the ring as the top all-time winning German Pinscher in the breed’s history.
  • He defeated more dogs in a single year and over a career in both breed and all breed points.
  • He was also one of 4 GP’s to win Working Group 1 in history.
  • He has more placements than any other GP in Breed history.
  • His legacy now lives on his puppies as his first litter should end up with four champions. Including Flame and Dreamer, who was Best of Opposite sex at the National specialty.
  • Lukas finished the year #1 German Pinscher in all breed with 1720 points (#2 had 386) and Breed with 219 dogs defeated and AKC Grand Champion points with 125.
Flame, German Pinscher, CH Immer Treu Midnight Flame
  • Flame, German Pinscher, owned by Bryan and Joy Powers
  • Flame like Razz is set on following in his Father Lukas’ footsteps.
  • Flame finished his AKC CH and moved up to BOB only to beat Lukas. This allowed Flame to become a top ranked GP this year.
  • He also went to Canada and picked up his first Group placement with Sarah Showing him.
  • Flame finished tied for #18 German Pinscher in Breed points with 15 dogs defeated and tied for #23 in AKC Grand Champion points with 9.
Hades, German Pinscher, GCH CH Rivendells Hotter N Hell
  • Hades, German Pinscher, owned by Judy Vandervort.
  • Judy’s other GP Hades was the first GP Female to get her Grand Championship before retiring so that the boys have the easier route to breed wins.
  • Hades did finish as the #9 German Pinscher in AKC Grand Champion points with 35.
Razz, Black Russian Terrier, GCH CH Cerberus Never say Die
  • Razz, Black Russian Terrierowned by Lee Milburn.
  • Razz like his father, Stepan, and Uncle, Mischka, before him became a mainstay in the BRT standings.
  • He was a top 5 BRT in breed points all year until last month despite attending only a half a dozen show weekends. He will show a little more in 2011 as he continues to develop and mature.
  • Razz was the #16 Black Russian in All breed with 48 points and #6 in Breed with 48 points and #13 in AKC Grand Champion points with 26.
Reggie, Leonberger, CH Leodania’s Ma Reggio Di Calabria
  • Reggie the Leonberger CH Leodania’s Ma Reggio Di Calabria Owned by Mary Ruggiero-Smith.
  • Although we only showed Reggie one time it was to Best of Breed at the AKC Eukanuba Invitational.
  • This made Reggie the first Breed winner in AKC Invitational History as it was the Leonbergers first year recognized by AKC.
  • Hopefully we will see more of Reggie in 2011.
  • Reggie finished the year as the #3 Leonberger in all breed points with 343
  • Reggie finished at #9 in breed with 46 points
  • Reggie was #17 in AKC Grand Champion points with 13.
Rupert, Saint Bernard
  • Rupert the Saint Bernard, GCH CH Stoan’s Rupert Of Oz BN RA Owned by Pat Wensman and Joan Zielinski
  • Rupert was shown at a limited amount of shows and always seamed roll Pat a YATZEE at the big shows.
  • Rupert finished in the top ten Saint Bernards for 2010.
  • We look forward to what a full year could bring!
  • Rupert finished as the #10 Saint Bernard in Al breed points with 344 and #8 in breed with 162 Saints defeated
  • Rupert tied for #7 in AKC Grand Champion points with 44.
Kinky, Alaskan Malamute, GCH CH Quinault’s Twisted Sister
  • Kinky the Alaskan Malamute, owned by Twila Baker
  • We only showed Kinky a handful of Weekends when her normal handler, John, couldn’t make it.
  • Kinky is a fun bitch and enjoyed a great year. She finished as the #7 Malamute in Breed points with 201 and #4 in AKC Grand Champion points with 124.
Parker, Black and Tan Coonhound, CH Wyeast Walk in the Park
  • Parker the Black and Tan Coonhound, CH Wyeast Walk In The Park Owned by Steve and Eileen Biles.
  • Parker has been shown in a very very limited capacity as he grows up.
  • He did get a group placement in 2010 and was able to finish #14 Black and Tan Coonhound with 48 points
  • Parker also finished #22 in AKC Grand Championship points with 5.
  • Parker looks ready for 2011 no matter the competition.
Labrador Retriever, Willy, GCH AM CAN INT INA INDIA TH CH Tameric’s Willy
  • Willy the Labrador Retriever, GCH AM CAN INT INA INDIA TH CH Tameric’s Willy, Owner Chaiyot Paporn.
  • Willy came over here to become an American Champion and ended up having a great year mostly from the classes. He touched all of us and is a truly great dog we miss him as he is now back home with Yot in Thailand.
  • Willy earned his American and Canadian Championships as well as a Grand Championship in an incredibly competitive breed.
  • Willy finished the year #19 lab in all breed with 592 dogs defeated.
  • He finished the year at #20 in breed with 297 points.
  • Willy was also tied for #14 in AKC Grand Championship points with 43.
ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, Tia, GCH CH Blondheim’s That Was Easy
  • Tia is owned by Sherry and Barry Blondheim
  • Tia was shown at just a few show in 2010 and was able to stay in the top ten all year.
  • She finished #9 ASCOB in All breed with 583 dogs defeated
  • Tia finised #12 in breed with 129 dogs defeated.
  • She was also the #13 ASCOB in AKC Grand Championship points with 47.
Fonzie, Spinoni Italiano, CH Caccia Cane Fonzie JH
  • Fonzie the Spinoni Italiano, CH Caccia Cane Fonzie JH Owned by Shirley Bauer
  • We only showed Fonzie one weekend in 2010. That was the Long beach and Eukanuba weekend. Rowan won the breed with Fonzie one day and I made the cut in that AMAZING Sporting Group.
  • Fonzie then went on to win Best of Breed at the AKC Eukanuba Invitational.
  • Fonzie is the Nicest Spinoni we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.
  • Fonzie finished the year as the #19 Spinoni in breed points with 29.
Cervello, Weimaraner, GCH CH Rosewin Anson’s Cervelo
  • Cervello the Weimeraner, GCH CH Rosewin Anson’s Cervelo, owned by Donna Alaire
  • Vello was only shown for the first few months of the year but was able to stay in the top 5 and then top ten for most of the year
  • Vello finished at #14 Weimaraner in Breed points with 159
  • He also tied for #24 in AKC Grand Championship points with 38.
Clark County Kennel Club Dog Show Day Two

Our last dog show day of the year was held in Ridgefield, Washington. It was a fantastic final show. Luke, Rowan and Sarah enjoyed a winning year with a great group of dogs. Here are the results for their final day.

Best of Breed
  • Frank’e the Havanese: BOB and Toy Group 4!!!!!!!
  • Lukas the German Pinscher made the cut in the Working Group
  • Whitney the Lowchen: 1st place, WB, BOW, BOB and a 4 point Major!!!!
  • Willard the St. Schnauzer
Best of Opposite
  • Hades the German Pinscher
Select Dog
  • BlackJack the Mini Bull Terrier
  • JackBlack the Chinese Crested
Class Dog Results
  • Whitney the Lowchen: 1st WB BOW BOB 4 pt Major!!!!
  • Daisy the Samoyed: 1st place and WB
  • Trip the Japanese Chin: 1st place
  • Maya the Labrador Retriever: 2nd place
  • Fidor the St Bernard: 2nd place
  • Zena the St Bernard: 2nd place

Watch for more great results in 2011.

Show results from Ridgefield, WA Dog Show Day 1 Best of Breed
  • Frank’e the Havanese
  • JackBlack the Crested
  • Lukas the German Pinscher (check out his Group results – another 3rd Place!)
  • Willard the Standard Schnauzer, 1st WD BOW BOB and a NEW CHAMPION
Best of Opposite
  • Hades the German Pinscher
From the Classes
  • Whitney the Lowchen: 1st Place, WB, BOW, BOB 4 point Major
  • Check out Willard’s results above!
  • Mura the Tibetan Mastiff, 1st Place and RWB
  • Trip the Japanese Chin, 1st Place and RWB
  • Daisy the Samoyed, 1st Place
  • Zena the Saint Bernard, 2nd Place
  • Maya the Labrador 4th Place

Whitney the Lowchen started her career with a 4 point major win today in Ridgefield, WA. Rowan and Whitney earned 1st place, WB, BOW and BOB for a 4 pt Major in their first outing together.