Dog show results from Electric City Kennel Club (day 4 of 8 on the Montana Circuit). Billings, MT, June 24, 2011.

Group Placements

  • Reggie the Leonberger: Group 4
  • Wilson the Minibull Terrier: Terrier Group 2
  • Razz the Black Russian Terrier: BOB and made the cut in Working group
  • Tia the ASCOB: BOB and made the cut in Sporting group

Best of Breed

  • Chase the Amstaff Terrier
  • Twister the Silky Terrier
  • Frank’e the Havanese

From The Classes

  • Chili the Japanese Chin, 1st place, WD, Best of Winners and Best of Breed, a four point major

Best of Opposite

  • JackBlack the Chinese Crested

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