Here are the great results for Day 3, Jan 22 of the Rose City Classic dog show, the largest dog show in the NW.

Group 4 for Leonberger

  • Reggie the Leonberger earns Group 4

Best of Breed

  • Japanese Chin, McLovin, 1st place, WD, BOW, BOB for a major!!!
  • Lowchen, Whitney, 1st place, WB, BOB
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Amedaoes, 1st place, WD, BOB
  • ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, Tia
  • BRT, Razz
  • Leonberger, Reggie
  • German Pinscher, Flame
  • Miniature Bull Terrier, Wilson
  • Chinese Crested, Jack Black

Select Dog

  • Black and Tan Coonhound, Parker

Class Wins

  • Shiba Inu, Pai, 1st place, WB, BOW
  • Boston Terrier, Buzz, 1st place
  • Japanese Chin, Dexter, 1st place, reserve
  • Cairn Terrier, Breeze, 3rd place
  • Boston Terrier, Miles, 3rd place

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