Congratulations to the winners at day 2 of the the Puyallup Dog Shows.

Best of Breed

  • Miniature Bull Terrier, Wilson, Group 3
  • ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, Tia, made the cut in sporting group
  • Black Russian Terrier, Razz, also made the cut in the working group
  • Chinese Crested, Jack Black
  • German Pinscher, Flame

Class Results

  • Lowchen, Whitney, BOS, WB
  • St Bernard, Zena, 1st place and reserve
  • Labrador Retriever, Gambit, 1st place and reserve to the major
  • Labrador Retriever, Maya, 3rd place
  • Cairn Terrier, Breeze, 3rd place
  • Samoyed, Daisy, 3rd place


  • Labrador Retriever, Ben, a Major
  • St Bernard, Rupert
  • Havanese, Frank’e

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