Gleason the Boston Terrier

  • Gleason, GCH CH Kennedy’s How Sweet It Is At Mtnview is owned by Cathy Jones
  • Gleason was only shown part of the year but stayed in the rankings all year.
  • The Jones’ had another great year with all their Bostons and finished multiple champions.
  • Soon we will have the “one” we will show a full year :)
  • Gleason finished the year as the #13 Boston in allbreed pts with 528 and tied for #19 in breed with 170 pts.

Whitney the Lowchen

  • Whitney, Sage Hills I Will Always Love You, is owned by Judy Seibert
  • Whitney came to us with the hope that we would maybe be able to get her in the ring.
  • Well Rowan worked her magic and Whitney became a star.
  • She was entered in Vancouver as a test. She passed winning the Breed everyday.
  • Because of this one weekend Whitney finished the year as the #18 Lowchen in all breed points with 16 and tied for #15 in Breed with 16 dogs defeated.

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