Jack Black the Chinese Crested

  • Jack Black, GCH CH Wavecrest ‘N’ Silkyence Jax Blax, is owned by Janice Chaffin-Bell and Jenna Lostale
  • Jack Black started off fast for us getting a group placement his second day we showed him.
  • He continued to do well and closed the year out with his best month of his career.
  • We look forward to truly seeing what Jack Black can do in full year.
  • Jack Black was the #19 Crested in all breed pts with 382 and the #16 Crested in Breed pts with 204 dogs defeated and tied for #22 in AKC GCH pts with 48.

Frank’e the Havanese

  • Frank’e, GCH CH Joyfulnoise Come Fly With Me, is owned by Dorathy and George Hart
  • 2010 was a warm up year for Frank’e as he is still reaching his full potential.
  • Frank’e still had a great year winning multiple groups in 2010 and defeating more dogs than any other dog we showed all year.
  • Frank’e finished as the #7 Havanese in all breed with 2218 points and #6 in Breed points with 607 dogs defeated and #7 in AKC GCH points with 199.

Tum the Silky Terrier

  • Tum, AM CAN EST. LAT. LIT. BAL. GIB. CH Bombix Moren Jaspis, is owned by Steve and Eileen Biles
  • Tum was shown sparingly in 2010 as his two Kids dominated the ring.
  • Tum has made his mark as the breeds most influential sire in many years.
  • He finished the year as the #23 Silky in AKC GCH points with 23.

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