Lucy, Miniature Bull Terrier, CH Camino’s Lucy Lou

  • Lucy is owned by Gary Marquez and Erika Zwicker
  • Everyone remembers Lucy she was the first of the Rowdy kids we showed.
  • She was #1 two years in a row and was shown just one month in 2010 as she passed the torch to BlackJack.
  • Lucy finished the year as the #18 Mini bull in Breed points with 27 dogs defeated.

BlackJack, GCH CH Nederes’ Lil Game O’BlackJack

  • BlackJack is owned by Tom Messinger and Kimarie Wolf
  • BlackJack did our Minibull Family proud by taking over for his half sister Lucy. He spent the Majority of the year as the #1 Mini bull in breed points.
  • He also had some very nice group placements including a Terrier Group 1 at Hurricane Ridge
  • BlackJack became the first Mini Bull Grand Champion!!
  • BlackJack finished the year as the #7 Mini Bull in all breed points with 341
  • He was #2 in Breed points with 116 Mini Bulls defeated
  • BlackJack ended the year #2 in AKC GCH points with 66.

Wilson, GCH CH Temris Bully For Me

  • Wilson, Miniature Bull Terrier, is owned by Allison Nelson
  • We only showed Wilson one day in 2010 when Allison had a conflict. But this Lucy and BlackJack half brother (Also a Rowdy kid) fit right in and we got a group placement!
  • We look forward to 2011 as Wilson continues this minibull family tradition with us!
  • Allison did a great job showing Wilson in 2010 as he finished #4 minibull in allbreed with 481 pts and the #7 minibull in breed pts with 71 dogs defeated and tied for #3 in AKC GCH pts with 58.

Enuf, the American Staffordshire Terrier

  • Enuf, GCH CH Sbigstaff Enuf Is Enuf For Lbk, owned by Lacey Tulloch
  • We only showed Enuf for a few months at the end of the year but truly enjoyed the time we had with this sweet boy.
  • It was great watching the kid from Florida play in the snow.
  • He did also have a nice win over the #1 Am Staff
  • Enuf finished #20 Am Staff in Allbreed with 172 points and #11 in breed points with 122 dogs defeated and tied for #11 in AKC GCH points with 42.

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